Full-service internet agency


Delivering interactive experiences both online and on mobile


Emoticon is about solving problems: promoting online self-service, communicating internally, getting customers, keeping customers and taking care about web reputation.

We are a Madrid-based web design agency operating internationally. We have over 15 years experience in web hosting and development. Our offer is focused on delivering user-centered, attractive and usable sites  with clean, W3C standards compliant code. Whether it’s small websites or advanced bespoke web applications, with accessibility and usability in mind we take pride in what we do.


The solid experience we have gained since the eraliest internet days allows us to offer unique web design services, W3C standards compliant coding and development of bespoke database applications.


What can we do for you

We believe that our work is the best way to get to know us. But each project is different. And so are we. As different as our creative process is, everything we do is about long term thinking and building a relationship based on trust and realibility.

We've been designing digital experiences ever since the web existed and we have launched over 300 professional projects for our customers since 2000. Projects can be as small as designing your landing page, and as large as custom PHP development, but our approach always starts with your business objectives and ends with a succesful project and its maintenance. We shall not leave you on you own until you feel you can do the walk alone.