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Do you have a site, but you feel it’s outdated and you would like to be able to add your own content regularly?

Wondering how to put it live?

You’re just minutes away from the most realible and fast service in migrating yourWebsite to WordPress. Placing the order is vey simple, fill out a short form with details to get started. We do the rest.

We start the migration, move images, video, the code and within a less than a week you see progress. Before you will even realize it, your website will be on WordPress and ready. We support you, provide advice and assist setting up your hosting. You may even wish to use our own managed dedicated server services.You’re just minutes away from the most realible and fast service in migrating yourWebsite to WordPress.

5 days migratiion turnaround time

We have done many migrations in the past, pretty much since 2006 and we know how to do it fast! From start ti finish, in some circumstances we can migrate a complete full website in  under aweek, just five days.

Professional Wordpess Experts

We learned form the best and keep learning ever since we started in internte in the 90’s. We have coded thousands of pages to date using the best techniques and standards. Call it HTML, XHTML, HTML5 , CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 and CMS, we have learned how to improve overall structure and sites architecture.

Exceptionally affordable

We offer professional service, in fraction of the time that it will take other firms own staff to complete. We offer everything with expert advice for obne low price. It’s brilliant, we help you save money in many different ways.

Easy to use

Wordpress is one of the easiest content management systems to use if compared to the hundreds available out there. If you have not used WordPress before, do not worry, we have step-by-step tutorials that will help you to learn in no time.


Insanely Fast  Support & Advice

You will not be left on that road alone. Never. You will notice that we are friendly and willing to help and assist you with any support or advice we can and share the experience we have acquired throught years of learning with you. Just contact us and ask a question.


Multiple websites, up to 50% discount

We can handle multiple websites and provide you with a very generous discount on each one. Save a full 10% off on each and extra website that you will process through us under the same company name. It’s a steal deal.


Website to WordPress migration –  495 €

no hidden fees or gimmicks, just straight website migration and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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