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No-Hassle WordPress Migration

We offer no-hassle WordPress migration services to help you move your WordPress site to a new host or to a new domain.  Here are a few of the cases where you might want to hire a company to move your WordPress site.

Moving your WordPress site to a new hosting provider

If you are switching to a new website host, you’ll need to migrate your WordPress website to the new hosting provider.  We can help move your site to your new host.

To move your site, we will need some basic login details: your WordPress login details, the login details of your old hosting provider, and the credentials for you new hosting provider.  Other credentials, like FTP login details and Cpanel information will be helpful, too.

If you have these details ready and you’d like us to migrate your site, click here to request a quote.

Changing the domain name for your WordPress site

If you’re moving your WordPress website to a new domain, we can help.  Changing domain names is a simple process, but you may need some help to make the switch.  We can help.

We will just need the login details to your domain registrar and your WordPress login details–we can handle the rest.  If you’d like us to change the domain name on your WordPress website, you can request a quote here.

How it works

Get a quote from our site and pay securely via Paypal

Submit your login details securely via Google Apps

Log in to your new site in 2 to 3 business days

How long will the transfer take?

Your transfer will generally take 2 to 3 business days from the time that you submit your login details to us.  If you have a particularly difficult migration, we may request more time to properly migrate your WordPress website.

Will my all of my plugins and themes be okay?

Yes.  We create a mirror image of your site on your new hosting provider or domain.  All of your plugins, themes, and uploads will remain intact.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes.  If we fail to meet our deadline, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

 Will my login details remain secure?

Of course.  We take our clients’ data very seriously and no one outside of our migration team will have access to your data.  If you’re still worried about exposing your login details, you can change your passwords to a temporary password before we transfer your site.

I need a new WordPress website.  Do you offer web design and development?

Yes!  This site is a partner of our web development and optimization agency, Connective Insights.  Visit our main website here.

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